Enterprise Domain Name Management

Corporate Domain Name Management is a service offering designed to offer a complete suite of services.
Have a complete overview when you want, where you want, managed for you, keeping in mind
the enterprise business requirements.

Who we serve

Healthcare and Life Sciences
Healthcare and Life SciencesProtect Digital IP in complex global healthcare environmenthealthcare@7digital.solutions
Drive commercial success by protecting the global intellectual property on the 7DS platform for Enterprise domain name management. Have international presence in countries where the business is not registered. Market. Protect IP geographically and create a portfolio strategy. Clinical Trails. Drive Commercial Success.
CorporateBusiness & Commercialenterprise@7digital.solutions
Build Solid Brands and innovate on customer delivery very effectively and efficiently for market success and customer champion. Integrate EDM by 7DS into your environment, effortlessly. Faster Go-to-market rollout for the brand.
Goverment and Public Enterprises
Goverment and Public EnterprisesPolicy, Research and Offeringsgovernment@7digital.solutions
Deep insight on the impact of Domain names on public policy, research and intelligence for the Govt. Advisory Committees, Cyber Intelligence, and participation in policy development, including response to new GTLDs. Assisting in Economic growth and creating a competitive edge.
Legal & Professional Services
Legal & Professional ServicesFinance Professionals, Independent Practitioners & Lawyersprofessional@7digital.solutions
Online Presence practice for the firms involved in professional services like law firms, and their clients for Digital IP practices. Increase profitability, maximise security for self and client, monitor digital IP and creative developments with the brand of the client, globally. Formidable relationships, generate new business, and drive high level of confidence in the client for your law firm or professional services like financial & business advisory by leveraging technology.

Introduction to Enterprise Domain Name Management or Better Known as Corporate Domain Management

Enterprise Domain Name Management is a suite of services designed to help businesses manage their domain name portfolios more effectively. Domain names are an essential component of any business's online presence, and managing them can be a complex and time-consuming process. 7DigitalSolutions® offer a comprehensive solution to this challenge, providing businesses with the tools they need to manage their domain names more productively and efficiently.


The core service offerings of Enterprise Domain Name Management include:


  1. Domain Name Registration: This service involves registering new domain names and managing the renewals of existing ones. It ensures that businesses have control over their domain names and can protect their online identity.
  2. Domain Name Portfolio Management: This service involves managing a company's entire portfolio of domain names, including tracking their expiration dates, renewals, and transfers. It provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of their registered domain names and helps them optimize their online presence.


  1. Domain Name Recovery: This service is designed to help businesses recover domain names that may have been lost due to expiration, theft, or other issues. It involves working with domain name registrars and other stakeholders (ideally) restore them to their rightful owners.


  1. Domain Name Monitoring: This service involves monitoring a company's domain names for any unauthorized changes or potential threats, such as cybersquatting, phishing, or other malicious activities. It helps businesses protect their online reputation and mitigate the risks associated with domain name management.


  1. Domain Name Consolidation: This service involves consolidating a company's domain names under a single management platform, simplifying the management process and reducing costs. It helps businesses streamline their domain name portfolio and ensure that they have full control over their online presence.


Overall, Enterprise Domain Name Management services offer businesses a comprehensive solution to the problem statement of managing their domain names more efficiently and effectively. They help businesses protect their online identity, optimize their online presence, and reduce the risks associated with domain name management.

What we serve

7DigitalSolutions® platform includes :

  1. Domain Consulting
  2. Domain Registrations
  3. Domain Acquisition
  4. DNS Services
  5. SSL Certificates
  6. Brand TLD
  7. Domain Security

Our corporate domain management service is a portfolio management service. It makes it possible for you to consolidate all your domain names in one single platform which makes it easier for you to register and manage your international domain portfolio. The platform is a single source of domain names, secure and easy to use. 

Take advantage of more than 1,800 domain extensions, all in one place. The Industry recognises that if there is a Domain Name Extention for registration, 7digitalSolutions® will register & manage it. 
Local Search Strategy

Local Search Strategy

Provide the fastest turn-around time in the industry for putting together the optimal strategy for leveraging opportunities and limiting risks, by determining the potential impact of phishing, social media, and brand abuse. 

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Supercharge your BRAND presence. Focuses exclusive guidance on defensive domain registration on brand protection for businesses across the geographies and brand abuse within new TLDs as they emerge. 7DS experts will assist.

Renewals Management

Renewals Management

One Stop Solution : All under one roof : 7DS Manages the overall Domain Name portfolio held with itself, and other providers to facilitate a successful management and optimize costs.

Trade Mark Clearing House Service

Trade Mark Clearing House Service

Enhances your company’s chances of successfully acquiring a TMCH registration. Our experts with thorough knowledge of the application process make the brand secure.

Domain nGTLDs monitoring

Domain nGTLDs monitoring

Keep the eye on the T - Maximizes return on Domain Name investment by reviewing and/or refining the portfolio. Regular updates are shared/discussed with brands while monitoring domain registrations and web content as the nGTLDs are launched.

Portfolio Consolidation

Portfolio Consolidation

Experience a trouble-free, cost-effective Domain Name Portfolio consolidation by leveraging the deep understanding of 7Digital Solutions, as we efficiently move to consolidate. 7DS' dedicated team is oriented towards global companies who need the highest level of strategic guidance and service.

Public Interest Notice

Net4India Shut Down

Dear Reader, In our Endeavor to assist business continuity for your business / enterprise, we at 7DS are assisting you in the Migration of your Domain Names from Net4India Platform, Strategically. If you need assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us at net4@7digital.solutions for a free consultation. Our Domain Experts will assist you.

Team 7DS

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Your Domains always at your fingertips

If you own more than a handful of domain names, then you need a system to manage and track important information about those domains including:
  • Expiration Date
  • Whois Data
  • Name Server (DNS)
  • Renewals
This data is dynamic and can change throughout the life of the domain.
More than this, it is very critical for any enterpirse to manage their portfolio as it is very cumbersome as all the domains may ot necessarily are in one place. They are usually spread accross various registrars and have multiple user names and passwords. 
Lets look at the Security hazards of not having two factor authentication on your logins, look at the number of hours you will be spending to manage the domain names, plus in a enterprise environment, when you grow, the problem statement includes co-ordination of registration of domain names in a particular time frame - especially when there is a request from the marketing or the operations or the finance team or the promoters. 
We will manage it for you, under one roof, addressing your problem statement, in complete corporate secrecy & privacy without having to manage the multiple logins and headache of managing billing re-imbursements with GST pricing if need be. 

Write to us for more information and we will be happy to help. 

Brands to stand out in a competitive digital landscape.

nGTLDs Monitoring
New GTLDs are tough to manage. If there was a miss in registrations in the early access, there is a clear loss of Online Goodwill value for the enterprise and escalated costs of registrations and the possibiity of a situation where domain squatters register your domain name and you have to go through the UDRP process.
Domain Alert Management System

Domain Alert Management System

Domain Locks-Monitoring for Squatting-Expiration Management
GST Pricing

GST Pricing

Enteprise Level Billing Cycles-GST Billing with Credit Recovery-eInvoicing
Two Factor Authenticated Secure Platform

Two Factor Authenticated Secure Platform

State of the Art-Non Invasive-Private-Controlled Access based on RSA principles


- The Concienrge of Domain Names, at your Service


- With you, for you, part of your team

Dedicated Services

- Attentive, Productive and Loyal

Experienced Account Managers

- Experience in the subject is niche and hence have th most value in a live, enterprise environment for problem solving.


- Allways on mode. So that you dont miss an alert, while we work with you on the management of portfolio. 

Easy Access to Support

- 24x7 over Email or whatapp. Emergency access phone support. Globally present.

Innovative - Quick - Clutter Free

Workflow is winning over the time consuming & cluttered approach of Domain Name Management.
It is your business - eCommerce on the Digital Platform. Once a ignored topic, it is today one of the
most - fundamentally - needed service.

Annual 7DS Platform Subscription Charges

Value of the Account
Subscription Charges

Note :

The Tiered pricing will also allow our clients to manage their product pricing along with various rebates during the process of onboarding. You can request your account manager for more details.

For More Information, please write to sales@7digital.solutions

About Us

7Digital Solutions® is an enterprise, engaged in providing international domain name registration services globally. All the domain extensions under one roof. We manage your domain name portfolio. We provide Services on TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) and Brand Monitoring Services. 7DS has a large portfolios of SSL certificates for providing security solutions online., Hosting Solutions on SSD based Servers, Security Solutions, IT Consulting, International Domain Name Registrations, Domain Name Acquisitions. Trustee Services and everything Domain Name on this Planet, is registered and enabled by 7DS for its clients.