Online & Digital Marketing Services

Once you host a website, you will need a robust team to back you up with the requisite experience on getting you on the digital platform and help you in reachout to your target audience.

Digital Marketing Agency Services We Provide, Include :


We will strategise and design your campaign, appropriate and aligned to your brand. Crisp and to the point, communicative.


Out of Box thinking will be key to the success of any campaign on the digital platform. Be it creatives, or content. We will do it all for you.


Plan the campaign or communication roll out in a strategised manner aligned with your PR agency and your partners.


Once the execution happenes for the planned campaign, activity on the digital platform, there will be a schedule that will be adhered to for rool out.


Our Digital Marketing Partner Firm will work for you, aligned to your thoughts and vision. As a team.


The creative team, will communicate with your teams, you, and the rest of the stakeholders for building a robust, well thought road map.


A constant monitoring of the campaigns accross digital media platforms is essential for the success of any storyline which is shared in public using Digital Marketing Methods.

Feedback Orientation

The Entire communication roll out on digital platforms will be feedback oriented, which will be constantly improved in the manner in which the audience and custodian of the cmapign deem fit.

Some Service Offerings

Landing Page$20.00
Create a Landing page for all your domain names. Let the traffic from different domain names benefit your overall traffic on the primary website.

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E-Commerce App $20.00
An App on either the Andriod Platform or on the Apple Platform will enable you to roll out your products and services much quicker. Increase reach and allow your brand to become interactive.

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Corporate Website$20.00
A nice website will enable you to announce to the rest of your world, the very fact that you exist. 7DS will work on a design, talk about its utility and help you show case your service offerings on a nice, gorgeous, tech enabled website in the quickest possible time.

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Presentations and Content$20.00
Discuss your need for presenting a concept to a select few. We will create content for it, prepare your speaach, and enable you with the required tools, including animation, voice overs, for making it a success for the growth of your business venture.

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Video Editing$20.00
Our Video Editors will allow you to give wings to your creativity. Be it an advertisement, or a company presentation video, we will do it all.

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Logo Designing$20.00

Logo is an identity and building block of your brand. It is a predominant part of the business. A good logo must be easy to remember, unique and must adhere to the brand image, characteristics, ethics and business.

Reach out to us if you are looking forward to a unique logo for your brand.

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Graphic designing$20.00

Images speak more than words. And a good design is the first step to success. Designs create visual concepts to communicate information.

Attractive and effective graphics are the foundation of any marketing strategy for enhanced visibility, better & more opportunities and in turn grow a business.

Reach out to us for Social Media Creatives, Brochure, Business Cards, Flyer, Book Cover, Stickers, Invites, Virtual Background, Infographic, Hoarding etc.

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Digital Business Card$20.00
With everything going digital, Business Cards are also getting digital. Digital Business Card is the modern paperless form of sharing business details with just one click. With the help of a Digital Business Card, you can call, send email, check business google location and connect with all Business social media platforms to anyone & anywhere. It is an easy and environmental friendly solution to share your business information.

Reach out to us to get your customized Digital Business Card.

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(Services on the Digital Platform are offered by 7DS not as a part of a Standard Service Offerings, but by Invitation only)

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