Trustee Services or Proxy for International ccTLDs



Domain Names are registered worldwide by registrants who are not present in a country of the relevant domain name extension. In short, the registrants of the domain names register or most often block those extensions in different countries (better known as International TLDs or CCTLDs – which stand for Country Code TLDs) worldwide. The purpose of the registrant can be simply stated in two points.

Lets understand Domain Name Proxy Services

  1. The registrant is doing business in that country and wants to run a website in that country of business to generate revenue.
  1. Lets understand this better by way of an example
    1. The registrant belongs to the United States of America and wants to conduct business in India – so the company or a American business, goes ahead and registers a CCTLD in India which is Dot IN in their brand name and puts up a website.
    2. Easy, the American business approaches a registrar like the 7Digital Solutions and send in a request to register the domain name.

  • 7DS registers the domain name for the stipulated time period (between 1year to 10 years) of duration and configures the DNS accordingly for their website to run.
  1. The registrant registers a CCTLD in another country, in order to block the brand name online so that domain name squatting can be stopped on their brand.
    1. Lets understand this by way of a brief example
      1. American business – Registrant as stated in the example above, simply approaches registrar like the 7digitalsolutions and requests them to block a website in the Dot IN according to their brand.
      2. The web name or the domain name gets blocked with the choice of hosting a website remaining with the registrant.

How does it work ?

IN both the examples, of the respective case scenarios, the registrant did not need a local presence for registering a domain name as the Dot IN CCTLD does not have a registrant pre-requirement specifically to those living outside the territory of India i.e. who are not Indian Businessess or Indian Citizens.

But there are Several country codes which require the domain names in theor countries to be owned and operated by their citizens or businesses, registered in their jurisdiction. This is where the registrar 7DigitalSolutions comes in handy as we have local presence in most of these countries and 7DS will facilitate the registration and operation of the said domain name in the said country of registration with specific requirements, and act as the registrant’s local proxy or in legal parlance, their local trustee for the limited purpose of the website. We will provide a local address by way of which the registrant can and will be able to register a domain name in that country. A great example is of owning a domain name in the country of Bangladesh – ccTLD of Dot Com dot BD ( Since 7DS has a office and presence in Bangladesh, we will be able to register a domain name for you.

These are called trustee services, which are unique and state of the art in the Domain Name world. 7DigitalSolutions is uniquely positioned to assist you will almost all the extentions in this humble world. All under one roof.

About Us

7Digital Solutions® is an enterprise, engaged in providing international domain name registration services globally. All the domain extensions under one roof. We manage your domain name portfolio. We provide Services on TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) and Brand Monitoring Services. 7DS has a large portfolios of SSL certificates for providing security solutions online., Hosting Solutions on SSD based Servers, Security Solutions, IT Consulting, International Domain Name Registrations, Domain Name Acquisitions. Trustee Services and everything Domain Name on this Planet, is registered and enabled by 7DS for its clients.