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Your email address is out there for anyone to find. Stop the spammers and scammers. Hide your personal information from the public with ID Protect today.

Doman Privacy - Whois ID Protect Service by 7DS

Have you noticed your inbox is getting filled with more junk mail these days?

Whenever you register a domain, your private information is very public. Each domain you register is in a public database of contact information which includes your name, home address, phone number, and email address in a database that anyone can access.  Spammers, scammers, and advertising agencies regularly scan this database and add you to their spam lists.
There’s only one way to make sure you’re not on their lists! Get ID Protect for every domain you register.  ID Protect hides your personal information so spammers won’t be able to reach you!
 Get ID Protect now for and never worry about your registration information falling into the wrong hands again.

  • What is ID Protect?

    • ID Protect is a service that hides your private information from being displayed publicly in a global database that is frequently used by spammers and data miners to bombard unprotected people with unsolicited advertisements and scams.
    • ID Protect can be used on any domain registration from one of the following TLDs: COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, PRO, TV, CC, ME, ASIA, CM
  • Why is it necessary to add ID Protect to every domain I register?

    • Every domain registration is required to have accurate contact information (WHOIS data) associated with it. Data miners crawl the public WHOIS database for this information and sell it to marketing firms and advertising agencies, which can result in both spam and junk mail to your home.  ID Protect hides your accurate contact information and stores it in a secure location, protecting your personal information without risking the suspension of the domain’s registration.

      What are the benefits of ID Protect ?
  • Other WHOIS masking products only falsify your WHOIS records which can jeopardize your domain registration. ID Protect secures your private information by storing it in a trusted 3rd party data vault, and is completely complaint with ICANN (ICANN is the governing body of Internet rules and regulations).

  • ID Protect forwards legitimate emails to your real email address, but keeps spammers and data miners away.

  • Without ID Protect, anyone can find your personal contact information including your home address.  ID Protect hides this information while protecting your personal address from getting into the wrong hands.
id protect service by 7digital.solutions

Did you know that there are those domain resellers and registrars out there mining the public WHOIS database to build leads for their campaigns - and steal your clients? When your clients WHOIS information is unprotected, they may be contacted by another company and lured into transferring their domain away from you.

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