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Intellectual Property is critical to your business today and you should protect it to avoid online volatility

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Online Brand Registration
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Domain Names are the new magic of Digital World

Since the time Internet came into existance, it has been evolving. We are able to connect on the net and surf the web content by way of websites, rather than surfing the waves in the sea (of course sometimes its nice to let your hair down). The content on the web is available through Domain Names and these domain names correspond to your brands. The trademarks are to be registered from time to time, both offline and online, to protect your intellectual property.

The TMCH Story

Intellectual Property Online Protected

Trademark ClearingHouse

The Trademark Clearinghouse was established by the ICANN[1]  to enable legitimate claim by legitimate trademark holders to claim “First RIGHT to Register” Internet Names (Domain Names) hosted on assigned Numbers (IP Addresses). TMCH is available for all individuals as well as registrants who would like to create online property, and save their trademarks from being squatted.
Our TMCH will validate trademark / brand rights, store the information and transmit it as needed by the registries of nTLDs. Once validated by the TMCH, the registrants will be able to register their trademarks and brands in the Sunrise phase of open nTLDs, prior to the release of these TLDs to the general public. Trademark holders wishing to participate in Sunrise phases must demonstrate proof of use of the mark.
Once you access our TMCH related services, it comes built in with the Trademark Claims Service. This service will alert registrants attempting to register a domain corresponding to a TMCH-validated trademark.
If the registration is successful, an alert will be sent to the trademark owner. This Trademark Claims Period will be 90 days long.
[1] Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

The TMCH Process

Lock your Brand online

The TMCH is run by the Enterprise Risk Services department of "DELOITTE.". IBM[1] is responsible for the database maintenance.
  • Definition of "labels" (possible domain names without TLD for protection and use in Sunrises)
  • Management of trademark information stored at TMCH (e.g. switch on/off Sunrise service)
  • Participation in new gTLD Sunrise phases
  • Receiving Trademark Claims Notifications via email
  • Receiving SMD files
  • Defensive registrations (receiving only Trademark Claims Notifications, no use of Sunrise service)
  • Technical pre-validation (check if labels are correct or not)
Valid Trademarks
We will help process the following trademarks through the service :
  • Registered trademarks
  • Marks protected by statute or treaty
  • Court validated trademarks
  • Potentially Valid Trademarks
 The following not registered trademarks might be eligible for inclusion in the Clearinghouse:
  • Well-known or famous trademarks without registration
  • Other marks that constitute intellectual property
Invalid Marks
The following registered trademarks will not be accepted by the Clearinghouse:
  • A registered trademark that includes a top level extension (Example: “icann.org” or “.icann”)
  • Any registered trademark starting with or containing a “dot” (.) (Example: “deloitte.”)
  • Any registered trademark that does not contain any letters, words, numerals or DNS valid characters
  • Trademarks that are in a trademark registration process
  • Trademarks that are in an invalidity, a deletion or amendment process
[1] International Business Machines, Corporation

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If you love your brands, Our Compitent team will assist you on the online potrotection and we can take Blade-BRAINS Group® 's help in offline protection, with their Trademark & Patent Attorneys guiding us through the process. 
7Digital.Solutions is fully equiped to assist you to provide you with TMCH service. Reachout to sales@7digital.solutions for more assistance.

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